Frequently Asked Questions
What are Clipp Deals?
Clipp Deals allow you to save up to 40% off your entire food and drink bill. Clipp venues can make offers to customers which are specific for:
  • Minimum Spend
  • Discount Amount
  • Number of Offers
  • Time of Day

So, it works like this: a Clipp venue sets an offer on a Tuesday after 5pm and the Minimum Spend they need for you to trigger a 40% saving off your bill is $70. Once your bill hits $70, the deal is triggered and your saving kicks in and is automatically applied from then on. Once you’ve spent $70 your bill is reduced by 40% (that’s $28) and means that your $70 food & drink bill is now $42.

Once you’ve triggered the deal and you’re ready to close your Clipp and pay, you can choose to take the savings off your bill right then and there, or bank them as Clipp Cash to your Clipp wallet to use another time at the same or different Clipp venue.

Does the Discount Amount apply to the whole bill?
Yes, the discount applies to any amount spent above the Minimum Spend, up to a maximum saving of $250.
Are the Deals limited?
Yes, Clipp venues determine how many deals are set. For customers, it’s first come first served. To secure a deal, simply set your limit and open a Clipp at the venue.
Once I open a Clipp to secure a deal, how long does it stay open?
Your Clipp will stay open as long as you have purchased items at the venue and you can see them in your app. If no purchases are recorded against your Clipp, it may close after 4 to 6 hours or at the end of the Last Minute Deal window.
How do I obtain a copy of my receipt / tax invoice?
An itemised and non-itemised tax invoice is automatically emailed to you when you close your tab. To obtain a copy of any receipt:
  • Open the Clipp app on your phone.
  • From the main menu select ‘HISTORY’.
  • Open the relevant transaction and tap ‘EMAIL INVOICE’. Your tax invoice will be emailed the address your account is registered to.
How do I apply & redeem a promo code?
  • In the main menu tap 'Promo Codes'
  • Enter the promo code into the text box that says “Add a Promo Code”
  • When you check-out from a tab select the promo code you wish to use.
How do I choose between multiple promo codes?
This step is for when you have multiple promo codes which have already been applied (see question 3), and you wish to choose which one you would like to redeem first.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of the App installed on your phone (this function is only available on recent versions of Clipp).
  • Select your venue, tap ‘OPEN TAB’, then tap ‘PROMO CODE’.
  • Select the code you wish to apply and continue to open a tab as normal.
Can I add additional credit/debit cards?
Yes. You can add as many additional personal or corporate cards as you wish. This feature is only available in the app though for security reasons.
  • Open the Clipp app on your phone.
  • Click on your photo on the main menu.
  • Tap ‘+ ADD CARD’ and follow the prompts.
What is a pre-authorisation?
A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold on your chosen tab limit. This process is similar to how funds are held when you check into a hotel. Regardless of your tab limit, Clipp will only ever charge you for what you actually spend. A request is sent to your bank immediately when your tab is closed to release any balance remaining on the hold. Timing on your balance release varies between banks. As each bank has their own internal policies, please contact your bank in the first instance if you are experiencing an extended hold release. We recommend that you make a reasonable estimate of how much you intend to spend when selecting your limit. In most Clipp venues, it is possible to increase your tab limit if you decide to spend more.
Can I pay with my PayPal account?
Yes, your PayPal account can be used as a payment method and can add this payment type on the site or in app. For your security, all transactions made through Clipp either by Credit or Debit Card are also secured by the PayPal payment gateway.
  • Select your venue, tap ‘OPEN TAB’, set your limit by tapping ‘+ or -’, tap ‘PAYMENT METHOD’, tap ‘PAY WITH PAYPAL’ and follow the prompts.
  • Continue to open a tab as normal.
Please note you cannot Increase your Tab Limit with Paypal.
Why do I need to register on the app?
We take security and fraud very seriously, and the app allows us to easily capture your device ID and use superior anti-fraud technology to capture credit card details. Once we have these details, you can login on the site as well as the app to access Clipp payments and deals and even delete the app if you’d prefer to just use the site! You’ll need the app to update credit card details if ever needed though.
Download the app to register and get going