Hotel Rottnest

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Hotel Rottnest is on the northeast side of Perth's famous Rottnest Island. This hotel has some great real estate right at 1 Bedford Avenue. It's just steps from the water. The highlight of the bistro has to be the outdoor area. You get unobstructed views of the azure blue water and the boats that roll into the pier just north of the hotel. The outdoor area features plenty of large tables and alfresco seating. This setup makes it incredibly easy to meet new people. And the whole area has shade provided by large, old trees to give it a very relaxing feel. Just a warning -- you just might find yourself fending your food from one of the island's colourful peacocks. This outdoor area is sublime after a long day exploring the island. There's nothing better than enjoying the sunset with a cold drink after a hot day. And you don't even have to call ahead to make a booking. Guests are encouraged to rock up as they are to find a table. The restaurant serves up plenty of pub favourites. You can enjoy a steak while watching the waves go by or you can order your favourite parma, schnitzel or burger. But it's always great to escape the heat with a cold drink and a light meal, especially a salad. There is plenty of ice cold beer on offer at the Hotel Rottnest along with a nice wine menu. You might just find yourself capping off every day of your island escape at the Hotel Rottnest.

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Address: 1 Bedford Avenue, Rottnest Island WA 6161

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