Helm Bar

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The waterfront Helm Bar has a beautiful view of Darling Harbour right in the heart of Sydney. You can even sit out on the balcony when the weather is nice while enjoying drinks, food and friends. You can all watch the ships go by together. It is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. Always ask what's on. There are some stunningly good lunch deals like the schnitzel on Mondays. Tuesday's for steak, Wednesdays feature fish and chips, Thursdays are for discounted pizzas and there is even a deal on a kilogram bucket of prawns during the weekends. There are also some great drink specials during happy hour from 5 to 7 PM on any weekday. Weekends feature discounted jugs of Carlton draught and Bulmer's cider. The Tavern serves up some good pizza. The prawn and scallop pizza is especially popular with buffalo mozzarella, smoked trout, rocket, chilli oil, prawns and scallops. And there is plenty of seafood on the menu. And the food is all the more delicious because of the view.

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Address: 7 Wheat Rd, Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000

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