The Edwards

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Newcastle has been growing a reputation for great bars and restaurants. The Edwards adds to this reputation. You'll find this eatery in Newcastle's post-industrial West End where the owners have dedicated themselves to cultivating a creative community inside their unique venue. Head on down to join in this shared space. This unique spot is more than just a bar. You'll also find an eclectic store full of records and old books as well as a workshop. You might pop in here to see someone working on a piece of art or their motorcycle. The Edwards encourages creativity in all forms. And that creativity spills over into the food and drink on offer. You'll find new twists on classic pub foods all over the menu. Sink your teeth into some pork belly skewers, potato bubble 'n squeak with smoked salmon or a pulled ham hock toastie with reypenyar cheese. You can also belly up to the bar to order up some quick eats. It's great for a lunch break and the bar menu also works well for small snacks while you enjoy your beverages. You'll find a selection of chips with different sauces on the bar menu as well as fried shrimp, smoked chicken wings and potted salmon. There are also vegetarian sections of the menu for every meal making it the perfect place to have a catch-up with your meatless friends. And, of course, there are plenty of beers, ciders, wines and cocktails on offer. And don't miss out on the Edward's decadent desserts. There are sweets available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they never disappoint. Pick desserts like Canadian beavertails, orange spiced cake or gingerbread spiced brioche French Toast.

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Address: 148 Parry St, Newcastle NSW 2302

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