Pittsworth Hotel Motel

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Head inland from Brisbane for about two hours. Pass Toowoomba down A39 and you'll arrive in Pittworth. Right in the heart of Pittsworth, you'll find the Pittsworth Hotel Motel. And you might want to stay at the local favourite. It offers up nine motel rooms that are sparse but comfortable. And you'll be able to enjoy all that Pittsworth has to offer if you decide to post up here. Inside the hotel, you'll find the Sportsman's Lounge Bar. It's a great place to meet sport-loving locals as they all come down to enjoy the game on the many big screen TVs. And the bar is always pouring your favourite Australian beers from ice cold taps. And you can even have a punt with full TAB facilities and a Keno lounge. You can even pop over to the Golden Brick gaming room to have a gamble on some of your favourite machines. And you'll want to check out the sports pub down at the Pittsworth. It's quintessential Aussie sporting venue as it's been visited by Rugby League greats like Dale Shearer, Mark Geyer, Paul Sironen and cricket greats such as Doug Walters and Rodney Hogg. The bistro in this iconic hotel is open seven days a week. You can get heaping portions of your favourite pub food like fish and chips, schnitzels and beef burgers. It's all cooked homestyle to make you feel right at home. This place has some history. It was built at the turn of the 20th Century and was an instrumental meeting point for the development of the Pittsworth area. But it burned down in 1932 and again in 1969. After the second fire, it was rebuilt into a single-level brick building.

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Address: 114 Yandilla St, Pittsworth QLD 4356

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