The Sandy Cove Tavern

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The Sandy Cove Tavern is sandwiched by the Murray River on both sides. This Tavern is on a slender island right off Yunderup Road in Yunderup, Western Australia. The Shire of Murray is about an hour south of Perth CBD and just north of the Austin Bay Nature Reserve. This Tavern keeps it incredibly simple. There are large windows all around the ground floor that allow for an abundance of natural light and the whole Tavern is an open space. There are a bunch of dining tables casually placed on concrete floors throughout the venue and there is an outdoor area with plenty of shade from canvas awnings. It is an incredibly casual place where you can come as you are to enjoy a pint, a good meal and conversation with friends. And this Tavern is for every day of the week. On Monday nights you can grab discounted pizzas after drinking your fill during happy hour from 5 PM to 6 PM. The Tavern also occasionally puts on Skimpy Mondays where you can grab $5 schooners from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Thursday is fish and chips day where you can grab a heaping pile of fried goodness for only $15. The Tavern constantly advertises it special on its Facebook page so you can know exactly what you're getting into before stepping in the door. The Tavern also has a sports bar, TAB facilities and it's located right on the water to give you a great view.

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Opening Hours:

Mon 10:45 - 22:00

Tue 10:45 - 22:00

Wed 10:45 - 22:00

Thu 10:45 - 22:00

Fri 10:45 - 22:00

Sat 10:45 - 22:00

Sun 10:45 - 22:00



Address: 146 South Yunderup Rd, South Yunderup WA 6208

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