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The Craft & Co is a brewery, distillery and winery. This place is a one-stop shop for all your boutique booze needs. And they make some wicked boutique boozes. In fact, making these boozes is half the fun at The Craft & Co. Everything is made on site, and you can watch the artisans work their craft through large glass windows. You'll be able to see all the brewing equipment and distillery pots as they crank out your favourite libations. You'll be able to see the wine resting in barrels while artisans work on mozzarella cheese in the diary room. Head on over to the meats room to see your dinner aging, and you can pop over to the micro coffee roaster to see where your beans come from. You can even take classes at this funky little venue. It's almost as if The Craft & Co is a university, museum, live theatre, drinking establishment and eatery all in one. Well, this venue is actually spread over two areas that are close by. The Craft & Co Is not only a brewery, distillery and winery, it's also an eatery, bar, cheese and meat maker, coffee roaster and cellar door. This is definitely the place to take a large group of friends with varying tastes as everyone will find something that they love. And The Craft & Co is great at any time of the day. You can get coffees in the morning, a delicious lunch in the afternoon and enjoy some seriously good drinks in the evening. The Craft & Co is down at 390 Smith Street in Collingwood, Victoria, to the northeast of Melbourne CB

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Address: 390 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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