29th Apartment

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Do you have boobs or balls? That's a question that you'll have to answer if you want to use the toilet at the 29th Apartment. This is a cheeky place where you can lay on a bed playing Connect Four with strangers, or you can lounge in a bathtub. This funky cocktail bar is right down on St Kilda Pier in St Kilda, Victoria. You'll find it one block in from the pier at 29 Fitzroy Street at the corner of Fitzroy and Acland Street. You can jump off the tram at Fitzroy and Park Street to get to this eclectic venue. You'll find an indoor and outdoor seating area at the 29th Apartment. You can also sit on a giant mushroom or play some pinball. After having a few drinks, it's nice to stare at the fish tank, or you can pop into the phone booth that serves as a Photo Booth for a few selfies. The food at the 29th Apartment focuses on pizza. You can choose between Buffala, Salamino, Capricciosa or Salsiccia & Patate pies. There's also a vegetarian pizza option and a few wings to choose from. But the star of the culinary options at 29th Apartment has to be the dessert pizza. A Nutella base brings out the strawberries and coconut sprinkles all over the pie. The drinks list is a bit cheeky. You'll find that it's an American newspaper with drink options laid into the text. The "Safety in Numbers" section of the drinks menu is for jugs of cocktails to share with your friends. And you'll find a good selection of craft beers in a bottle at the 29th Apartment.

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Opening Hours:

Mon 18:00 - 03:00

Tue 18:00 - 03:00

Wed 18:00 - 03:00

Thu 18:00 - 03:00

Fri 18:00 - 03:00

Sat 16:00 - 03:00

Sun 16:00 - 03:00




Address: 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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