Watsons Bay Hotel

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The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is situated right at the mouth of Sydney Harbour. You could sit here and watch the boats go by all day long. Once that makes you thirsty and hungry, head on into the hotel for a bite. The Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is so picturesque that it's a popular wedding destination. The back of the hotel opens right up to the water where you'll see a bunch of boats anchored. There's a little sidewalk that runs along the beach so you can take a beach walk to the hotel. The entire venue revolves around the ocean and its views. The hotel invites you to have a long, lazy meal at their beach club. Inspired by European restaurants, this place serves up tasty course after tasty course designed to keep you there for a while. Of course, you'll be clinking your rose glasses the entire time. There's an entire section of the menu devoted to the Fruitti de Mar, or fruit of the ocean in French. They'll bring out a bucket of tiger prawns for you, or you can choose oysters, seafood platters or sashimi. Seafood doesn't get much fresher than at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. You can buy carafes of cocktails like mojitos, the new fashioned and the what a fizza. It's the kind of place where you dress up in all white to enjoy a long day of eating and drinking with friends. The hotel is also a great get-away-from-the-city date destination.

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Address: 1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay NSW 2030

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