Bella Vista Hotel

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The Bella Vista Hotel likens itself to the ubiquitous little black dress. That slinky little garment that is perfect for a variety of occasions. And that's how you can think of this hotel -- perfect for a variety of occasions. This hotel is sleek, rich and decadent enough to impress a first date. The entire hotel is packed with private little nooks, alcoves and booths. It makes for the perfect little romantic "getaway" for a budding couple. It's also perfect for a meetup of old friends, and it's great for professional peers having an after-work drink. And it's polished enough for a milestone celebration. It's just as the Bella Vista Hotel wants -- it's that versatile little black dress. The Bella Vista offers up some wicked food. The kitchen crafts all your pub favourites as well as inspiring Italian and Asian dishes. The plating is refined and rustic; perfect for that elegant yet casual atmosphere that fits the little black dress so well. You'll be able to enjoy deconstructed soft tacos, hearty ragus, dry-aged steaks, pizzas, pasta dishes and pub snacks. While the Bella may be refined, you can still get your hands on your favourite greasy pub foods. The Bella has won awards for its outstanding hospitality and its beers. The owners of the hotel also own the Australian Brewery, so you can get your hands on plenty of craft brew tinnies. You can find this versatile Australian hotel at 15 Lexington Drive in Bella Vista, New South Wales.

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Address: 13-15 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153

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