Abbotts Hotel

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The Abbotts Hotel is a smart and relaxed venue for pub meals right in the heart of Waterloo, New South Wales. This Southern suburb hotel sits right on the corner of Botany Road and Raglan Street. There are plenty of public transportation options that'll get you to this inviting hotel. The closest bus stop is on Botany Road before Henderson Road and serves the 309 and 310 bus lines. This hotel has everything you need in one spot. After a renovation, this hotel has remained true to its Abbotts Heritage. You'll find all of your favourite beers on tap plus a few boutique beers in bottles. There is a full TAB facility in-house so that you can put your money on a winner at the races or the footy. And it's easy to enjoy sports at the Abbotts Hotel. There are plenty of big screens in the bar for all your sporting excitement needs. The kitchen at the Abbotts Hotel cranks out hearty meals for an affordable price. Why cook at home when you can enjoy great food with your friends in the Abbotts Bistro? The bistro is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, and the menu focuses on some seriously manly foods. There are heaping burgers, cuts of meat slathered in sauces and plenty of perfectly cooked chips. It's the kind of bistro that will fill you up right when you are ravenously hungry. And there's always something on. There is plenty of live music on the weekends as well as weekly events. Trivia is at 7 PM on Tuesday nights, Wednesdays are for member's badge draws and Friday nights are for meat raffles.

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Mon 10:00 - 00:00

Tue 10:00 - 00:00

Wed 10:00 - 00:00

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Fri 10:00 - 00:00

Sat 10:00 - 00:00

Sun 10:00 - 22:00



Address: 45-47 BOTANY ROAD, WATERLOO, Sydney NSW 2017

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