Tugun Surf Life Saving Club

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Get right out onto the verandah when you get to the Tugun Surf Life Saving Club to enjoy the breeze. The verandah gives you killer views of the sea and sand, and you might just catch the lifesavers in action throughout the day. The Tugun Surf Life Saving Club is right down on the water in the Wyberba Street Reserve. You can find it at 29 O'Conner Street at the intersection of Wyberba and O'Conner. It's just steps away from Gold Coast Highway and the bustling downtown area of Tugun, Queensland. Come down for the specials if the surf and sand aren't enough to lure you. Monday is roast night while Tuesday gets you $15 menu. The menu changes every Tuesday but always contains at least five items. Wednesday is for seafood when you can get discounted barra, calamari or flat head. Members get complimentary house drinks on Thursday nights while everyone can order up discounted chicken parmas. And Fridays are always for rumps and ribs that each come with a salad and chips. And this place knows how to party. Karaoke kicks off every Saturday night at 6:30 PM. The Tugun Surf Life Saving Club takes advantage of its seaside perch for the prettiest Sunday concerts. Live bands kick off at 2:30 PM for your Sunday session enjoyment. The Tugun Surf Life Saving Club is equipped with all the latest gaming machines. There are 37 new machines in the club as well as full TAB facilities, UBet and Keno.

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Address: 29 O'Connor Street, Tugun QLD 4224

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