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Fratelli Fresh is wildly popular in the Sydney area. There are a few locations scattered about New South Wales and this local chain is here to stay. It is incredibly popular for its fast, friendly and filling meals that get you authentic Italian dishes on a budget. It's also a great place to work. You'll notice that right when you step through the door. Your server has likely been with Fratelli Fresh for quite some time. That means they are incredibly well versed with the menu, and you should ask them for their suggestions the next time you sit down at one of these neighbourhood locations. This particular Fratelli Fresh is in the Entertainment Quarter of Sydney, New South Wales. You'll find it right in the heart of the Entertainment Quarter in between the Parade Grounds, Centennial Park, McKay Sports Ground, Moore Park, Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust and Allianz Stadium. It's a great place for a filling meal after a day of sport. And you can rock up to this location just as you are. You don't have to dress up real fancy to enjoy incredibly fancy Italian foods from Fratelli Fresh. In fact, this restaurant is all about comfort. They even offer delivery if you'd like to enjoy their food in your pyjamas. The menu can be a bit intimidating because it is mostly in Italian. Again, don't be afraid to ask your server what's good. It's also a great restaurant for the entire family as the food comes out incredibly quick, it's affordable and the service is neighbourly. It's a great place to snag an authentic Italian meal for a good price.

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Address: 211 DRIVER AVENUE, MOORE PARK , Sydney NSW 2021

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