Big Shed Brewing Concern

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Big Shed Brewing Concern is all about the beer. Two buddies began brewing in a shed on a rented property back in 2002. It was a big farmer's shed that easily had enough room for all the brewing equipment, cars, hardware, tools and everything else a brewer needs. The shed even had a car mechanic's pit which maintained a constant temperature throughout the year, and the pit was perfect for keeping kegs at fermenting temperature. The fellas opened up their own tasting bar and kitchen in September 2014. After years of experimenting with different beers in the big shed, they bring you their best at Big Shed Brewing Company. It's a must-see venue for all beer lovers in South Australia. It's a cheeky brewery. Take one of its flagship beers, for example. The Californicator features two bears in mid-coitus on its bright and bold label. It's a huge IPA that is full of firm bitterness as well as citrus, pine and apricot flavours. It ain't for the faint of heart. And you'll find plenty of other beers on tap, as well. You can quench your thirst with a German pale ale, American pale ale, an American brown ale, an interesting desert Golden Stout and a session IPA. The fellas also offer up a complete menu that complements the flavors of their beers. You can munch on some dirty fries, enjoy a big shed burger, a mystery brown bag lunch or some buffalo bites drizzled with sauce. And you can find all of this deliciousness down on Brandwood Street in Royal Park, South Australia. Jump off the 350 bus at stop 34D to get to the Big Shed.

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Address: Unit 13 / 2 Brandwood Street, Royal Park SA 5014

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