Barangaroo House

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The Barangaroo House is a little different. Co-founders Matt Moran and Cory Campbell believe that Australian food isn't tied to tradition as steadfastly as other, older countries. Without a singular, marquee Australian dish and without a national style of cooking, the founders of Bangaroo House have incredible culinary leeway. As a result, the food coming out of the kitchen is innovative, fresh and new; always changing with new techniques and flavours. But that's not to say that you won't find some incredibly delicious and comforting food at Barangaroo House. You'll just find your favourite pub fare with a little twist. You can experiment with blueberry kangaroo, roast spatchcock or smoked bone marrow at Bea Restaurant in Barangaroo House. Or you can stick to more recognizable dishes like eye fillet or Sydney rock oysters. The Barangaroo House is split into three different levels. There's the Smoke Bar on the top level, Bea Restaurant on the middle level and the House Bar on the ground floor. Each area of the venue has its own menu. And there's nothing more romantic than indulging in sea urchin on the rooftop of the Bangaroo House with a loved one. This venue is incredibly beautiful and modern. In fact, it looks like a modern art museum that you might find in New York City. And you can find this beautiful venue right down on the waters of Darling Harbour in the heart of Sydney. Its just a few metres south of Barangaroo Wharf on Barangaroo Avenue.

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Address: 35 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, Sydney NSW 2000

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