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The Clovelly Hotel is down near Shark's Point in Clovelly, New South Wales. This South East Sydney hotel can be found on 381 Clovelly Road just steps away from Clovelly Beach and The Geoff James Pool. It's the perfect place for a bite to eat after a day out or enjoying the walking track. The nearest bus stop serves the 338, 339, X39 and X40 bus routes and drops you off at Clovelly Road near Walker Street. This hotel is refined, modern and sophisticated. It's great for daytime events as there is plenty of natural light, and it's even better for nighttime events as there is plenty of space and alfresco seating. The entire hotel can even be hired out for special events like weddings, corporate functions or special occasions. The Saloon Bar has sandstone floors with beautifully finished timbers. The bistro is a mix of communal tables and cosy booths, so you can take a large family or a first date. The recently awarded beer garden feels like a neighbour's backyard and features stunning views of the ocean. The lounge bar is the centre of activity in the hotel. It's a large space where locals meet after a long day of work. And there are plenty of hidden nooks all around the hotel where you can hide away. The menu features elevated Australian pub fare. You can order up succulent scallops, oysters or soft shell crab, or you can stick to hearty pub fares like fried chicken or the beef burger.

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Address: 381 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly, Sydney NSW 2031

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