The Northbridge Hotel

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The Northbridge Hotel is about as straight forward as it gets. The Northbridge is a pub with better than average pub food. Keeping with the straight forward theme, you'll find a chalk board hanging on the wall with the weeks' specials. These include discounted schnitzel Mondays, the ever-popular taco Tuesday, $10 burgers Wednesday and Fish & Chips Thursday. The weekends are saved for live music including an early set for Sunday sesh. There's an outdoor area where sport teams like to congregate and there are pokies; pretty standard for a hotel in NSW. Don't come here looking for anything fancy, the hotel doesn't even have a website. Just come here expecting to get cold beer, good food and a no-frills place to hang with your mates. It's a really good lunch spot and a solid place to sneak away after work for a happy hour drink or three. Expect to make friends in its unpretentious atmosphere.

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Sun 00:00 - 21:30

Mon 00:00 - 21:30

Tue 00:00 - 21:30

Wed 00:00 - 21:30

Thu 00:00 - 21:30

Fri 00:00 - 21:30

Sat 00:00 - 21:30



Address: 57 Strathallen Ave, Northbridge NSW 2063

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