The Lord Nelson Hotel

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The Lord Nelson is an upscale pub that sits right at the intersection of Malop Street and Bellerine Street in Geelong, Victoria. This hotel is just two blocks down Bellerine Street from the waters of Geelong Harbour. It's incredibly close to the Eastern Beach Recreation Reserve, Transvaal Park and Austin Park. And this is a great place to unwind, relax and refuel after a day exploring Geelong. This incredibly highly rated hotel cooks steak to perfection. In fact, the restaurant inside the Lord Nelson is a steakhouse. It specializes in steak, tapas and traditional pub meals. It also cranks out some ridiculously delicious desserts. The chefs at the Lord Nelson focus on high quality, fresh, local produce to create a menu that changes with the seasons. And you get all of this passion and care for an affordable price. The highlight of the menu has to be one of the five premium certified aged steaks. You can also pick from a wide selection of seafood, meat and vegetarian options. The place also makes quite a wonderful chicken parma. Lord Nelson makes its own beer. The two Lord Nelson beers on tap are the Three Sheets pale ale and the Old Admiral old ale. The beers are brewed just down the road in Australia's oldest pub brewery. The bar also serves up over 26 local and international craft beers, over 100 bottles of wine and a wide range of boutique spirits. And the hotel uses all of these liquors to whip up some delicious cocktails.

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Address: Cnr Bellerine & Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220

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