Arab Steed Hotel

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The Arab Steed hotel is in a clean white corner building at the intersection of Hutt Road and Gilles Street in Adelaide CBD. It's hard to miss the Arab Steed with its beautiful logo painted right on the building above a wraparound awning. And the interior of this hotel has been renovated to make it beautifully modern, as well. You'll find this hotel to be cosy and casual while the food is beyond your average pub grub. One of the highlights of the menu has to be the crispy skinned salmon. The chefs delicately score the fish so the skin lays flat in the pan to gather that beautiful caramelization and crispy texture. And you can have this delicious food in one of the most historic hotels in Adelaide. The current owners have been running the place for more than 29 years and they've made the Arab Steed Hotel a pleasant mix of modern and traditional. The service is absolutely outstanding which attracts all walks of life from writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, photographers, real estate icons, intellectuals, developers, office workers, health professionals and sports people. They all come down to this beautiful corner hotel to enjoy the extensive menu. The menu's pub classics include beer battered fish and chips, scotch fillet and that crispy skin Atlantic salmon. There are also plenty of burgers to choose from as well as schnitzels, salads and the Arab Steeds Chefs favourites which include King George Whiting, lamb's fry with bacon and the market fresh fish of the day.

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Sun 09:00 - 23:00

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Address: 241 Hutt St, Adelaide SA 5000

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