Southport RSL

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The Southport RSL is a complete entertainment complex just steps away from the water in Southport, Queensland. You can find this laid-back club just inland from Carey Park and the Aqua Splash Inflatable Water Park. The RSL is right up against Woodroffe Park at the corner of Lawson Street and Scarborough Street. This RSL is huge and modern. There are plenty of sleek lines, incredibly clean floors and open spaces. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow in plenty of natural light. This place is perfect for the whole family or a large group of friends. And you get incredible value at the Southport RSL. The venue is always hosting a wide range of events from live music to standup comedy. Be sure to check the RSL's calendar of events on their website before heading down. You may even have to book tickets to an event ahead of time. This club features a bistro, coffee shop, a gaming lounge, two bars and a kids corner. And there is a courtesy bus that gets you free transportation around town any day of the week. The bistro is massive and focuses on pub classics like fish and chips, parma and schnitzel. Be sure to ask about the weekly dining specials before ordering. The Palm Lounge is on the ground floor and caters to all of your beverage needs. It features plenty of ice cold beer and a fully stocked bar. The Pulse Bar features TAB facilities, a keno lounge and sports facilities while the massive gaming lounge features over 180 machines.

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Opening Hours:

Mon 10:00 - 01:30

Tue 10:00 - 01:30

Wed 10:00 - 01:30

Thu 10:00 - 01:30

Fri 10:00 - 02:30

Sat 10:00 - 02:30

Sun 10:00 - 01:30



Address: 36 Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215

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