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The Buff Club gives you a taste of old Darwin. This place has not changed much through the decades so it's like stepping back in time. The only things that have been added are the pokies, keno and the TAB facilities. Everything else has endured. And its location makes it a great stop on the way to the airport. You can find this local at the outskirts of Darwin CBD. It's right next to the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens on the Stuart Highway. You'll find it just after Geranium Street on your way out of Darwin CBD. This place has been serving up cold beers to the locals of Darwin for more than 40 years. It grew out of an old tin shed that was pieced back together after Cyclone Tracy. This fully air-conditioned pub is perfect for meeting a bunch of mates for a cold drink, a bite to eat and a gamble. The Buff Club is always there for you. You can escape the heat with a cold drink from the fully stocked bar. It has all the beers you've come to expect from an Australian pub including Carlton Dry, Cascade, the VB and more. Locals love the $.40 pool tables, as well. When the weather is nice, you can pop out the back into the beer garden. Or you can head on into the gaming room with 16 of the latest machines. There is also Foxtel and Skycap channels for the race lovers.

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