Humpty Doo Hotel

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The Humpty Doo Hotel is one of the longest continually licensed bars in the Northern Territory. This iconic hotel sits right on Arnhem Highway in Humpty Doo, Northern Territories, so you can't miss it. The Arnhem Highway is one of two roads that feed into Darwin CBD, and the Humpty Doo Hotel has been serving cold beers to thirsty travellers for decades. This is the kind of place that draws an eclectic crowd. Cowboys ride into this bar on their horses while bankers and bikers rub elbows at the bar. And the bartenders at the Humpty Doo Hotel have some stories to tell. In fact, they've been experiencing the mayhem of a Northern Territories roadhouse for over 40 years. This hotel is so famous that they've written songs about it. Ted Egan's "Humpty Doo Boy" and Slim Dusty's "Humpty Doo Waltz" both mention the hotel affectionately. And you'll get the full flavour of this iconic hotel the second you walk through the door. In fact, you'll walk right under the world's biggest set of buffalo horns above the bar's entrance. This hotel is famous for its burger trio. On a single plate, you get a barra, Buffalo and crocodile burger along with a fresh salad and chips. And that's the kind of filling food that this roadhouse has to offer. You'll find all of your pub favourites as well as oysters, salads and nice cuts of fish. And, of course, there is plenty of cold beer on tap to help keep you cool on those hot Northern Territory nights.

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Address: 610 Arnhem Hwy, Humpty Doo NT 836

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