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The Courthouse Hotel is the kind of place that puts on crab racing every Wednesday night at 8 PM. The host puts two little hermit crabs on a board in the middle of a circle. The first crab out of the circle wins and you get to place bets on your favourite crab. If that's the kind of cheeky fun you're into then you may want to pay a visit to The Courthouse Hotel. This place may seem a little rough around the edges on the outside, but that is half the fun. It's not a place that pretends to be something that it is not. And that's why this place is so popular with the locals. The hotel also has everything you might want. There is an indoor standard bar, a covered patio, and outdoor smoking area, and outdoor non-smoking area and a pool table area. There is a lot to discover at the Courthouse Hotel. This versatile venue is great for the whole family, a bunch of rowdy mates and even a date. It also gets incredibly busy here on the weekend so you might want to call ahead to make a booking. But the staff is very good at turning tables over so you will probably get a seat even if you just rock up. There are big-screen TVs for sporting events, a full TAB facility, two EBT's, Keno and a nightlife music system. And you can find all this fun right down on Oxford Street in the heart of Darlinghurtst, New South Wales.

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