Camden Valley Inn

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You can find the Camden Valley Inn right on Old Hume Highway in Camden Park, New South Wales. You'll find the pub right before Wire Lane near the Hayter Reserve and the Camden Rugby. You can hop off the Remembrance Drive and Camden Valley Inn bus stops to get to this incredibly popular local. This place is incredibly unique. The Tudor-style heritage listed architecture is stunning. It feels like you're walking into a comfortable home when you enter the Camden Valley Inn. It has plenty of open spaces, inviting leather couches and warm fireplaces. It's the kind of place where you can fill your belly with a hot meal on a cold winter night. The Camden Valley Inn boasts an English-style pub, a country-style restaurant, sports bar and award-winning gardens. There is plenty of lodging so expect to meet out-of-towners during your visit. And the inn is always being hired out for functions such as weddings and business conferences. The restaurant is incredibly spacious. It is a very popular spot so you may want to call ahead or use the restaurant's website to book a table. There is an indoor and an outdoor dining area that both overlook stunning gardens. And you can let the kids run wild in the designated "hide and seek" gardens. The inn also brings in a jumpy castle every Sunday. The sports bar plays all the action on plenty of TV screens throughout the venue. This bar was first established in 1989 by Capt. Mark Phillips. The Captain's Bar is a traditional English tavern where you can sample a Guinness or try one of the many imported beers on draught.

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Address: 290 Tourist Drive, Camden Park NSW 2570

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