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The Avoca Hotel is right at 893 South Road in Clarence Gardens, South Australia. This stylish gastropub is right on the corner of South Road and Pearson Street just to the west of the AA Bailey Recreation Ground. And it's just 7 km south of Adelaide CBD. And this hotel came from humble beginnings as a small pub in 1864. It quickly grew to become a local Adelaide favourite and the hotel has stayed true to its roots in the community by supporting countless sports clubs across South Australia. Most recently, it reaffirmed its commitment to the community by becoming a Returned and Services League (RSL). There are four eating areas inside the hotel and each has its own menu. There is an area called The Decks that is part of the hotel's beautiful beer garden. There's also The Glasshouse which is a gorgeous historic Bluestone building. It has plenty of natural light and bifold doors that open right up to nature. Toco's Restaurant is a stylish space where you can unwind with some comfort food. The restaurant is split up into the dining area and the bar. It's the kind of place you can grab a drink and relax by the fireplace during cold winter months. The most tempting thing about this hotel is the beer garden. In fact, you'll want to pop in for a drink every time you drive by the hotel after experiencing its glory. It's the kind of place that buzzes with energy anytime the weather is nice.

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Address: 893 South Rd, Clarence Gardens SA 5039

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