Rosewater Hotel

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You can find the Rosewater Hotel down on Grand Junction Road in South Australia. The hotel sits right on Grand Junction in between Canning Street and Lambert Street. The hotel is easy to identify by its beige colour with red accents. It has a wide awning that says Rosewater Hotel alongside a Carlton Draught advertisement. The hotel is right on the way to Port Adelaide from Adelaide CBD. It's the perfect pitstop for a meal, a pint and a punt after a day in Port Adelaide. This place has a beautiful beer garden out back. You can grab yourself an ice cold Carlton Draught and head outside when the weather is nice. It's the perfect spot for a large group of friends to start a night out. The dining room is extremely casual. There are plenty of tables and open spaces making the Rosewater Hotel perfect for the whole family. The menu is extensive and should satisfy just about everybody's tastes. And the whole place has that old pub feel which gives it an intimate vibe. That's why this is such a local favourite. The menu focuses on pub grub. You can grab yourself a well-made schnitzel, pizza, beef burger or a plate of fish and chips. And you can wash it all down with an icy cold beer or cocktail from the fully stocked bar. And this place always has a discount to offer. There are quick in-and-out lunch specials as well as daily drink specials. Always ask what's on.

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Address: 58 Grand Junction Rd, Rosewater SA 5013

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