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Those who call Adelaide home head on down to Henley Beach when the weather turns hot. After a frolic on the beach, locals head on over to the Ramsgate Hotel. And you can't miss it. It is in the historic looking building right on Seaview Road. The hotel not only enjoys a beautiful sea view, it also stands right next to the iconic Henley Square. The building was first erected in 1897 and originally sold cold beer to the men on the pier loading sheep. The original pub only served two beers on draught, but now the hotel serves over 18 ice cold ales, lagers, Pilsner's, wheat beers and ciders making it the perfect place to cool off after a day in the sun. It's no surprise that young beachgoers find themselves on the dance floor at the Ramsgate when the sun sets. There is also a beautiful beer garden with a retractable roof and a sports bar area with six plasma screen TVs. You can also find 45 bottled beers and ciders from across the world on offer at the Ramsgate. The hotel really explodes on Friday nights when the biggest DJs in the world make their way through the Ramsgate doors. Show up early to make sure you get in. Once inside, enjoy $6 drink specials that won't break the bank when it is your shout. The hotel also serves an attractive seasonal menu in a casual smart setting. It is the kind of place that will work with you on any dietary requirements you may have.

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Address: 328 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022

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